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The Veramarx Test

The Veramarx Test

Veramarx benefits to physicians: 

  • Decreased diagnostic uncertainty

  • Improved patient outcomes

  • Reduced liability

  • Less time required per patient

Veramarx benefits to payers: 

  • Decreased healthcare and payer costs

  • No need for expensive diagnostic tests for clinical conditions that are not present

  • Reduced long-term medical expenses to treat chronic Lyme Disease symptoms


Primary Care Physicians such as General Practitioners, Pediatricians and Internal Medicine doctors are the key to effectively treating Lyme disease early.  These are the physicians that a majority of patients see 2 to 3 days after they are infected. This is usually the only chance patients have of being diagnosed during the optimal time for treatment according to studies.

Although most patients don't see an Infectious Disease Physician initially, it is crucial that these doctors can provide accurate information to Primary Care Physicians at the early stage of Lyme disease when it is the most treatable.  Infectious Disease Physicians are the go-to doctors for important information about Lyme disease and its treatment.


The Patient also has an important responsibility in the diagnosis of Lyme disease because of the importance in diagnosing and treating the disease early.  Most doctors want to hear from their patients about new tests and are open to prescribing an early-stage Lyme disease test so they don't miss cases.

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