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Early Diagnosis for Effective Treatment

Early Diagnosis for Effective Treatment

Veramarx Lyme Disease Test

Veramarx is a patented immunoassay of ten inflammatory biomarkers that are measured upstream from the current two-tiered antibody method.

Negative Predictive Value
Effective at First Presentation Symptoms

Veramarx is the only accurate, Lyme disease test for when treatment is the most effective according to studies.

Effective Diagnosis and Treatment Timeline

optimal treatment 6 to 8 weeks after infection depending on the patient

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Initial Symptoms

Initial symptoms are commonly confused with the common cold or flu. Most people don't recall a tick bite or present with the bullseye rash typically associated with Lyme disease.

Veramarx Test

The Veramarx test can be given immediately after infection upon initial presentation of symptoms when treatment is most effective.  No need to wait for antibodies to be produced.

Current Tests

The current two-tiered tests have a sensitivity of 40% according to studies.  This is because they measure antibody production that may be highly variable, may not be produced at all or may be too weak to be measured effectively.

Lym disease bullseye rash, erythema migrans rash

Clinical Diagnosis is Difficult

  • Only 17% see a bullseye rash 
  • Most people don't recall a tick bite
  • Symptoms are non-specific like a cold or flu
A 2015 Survey of More Than
6,000 Lyme Disease Patients
Current Two-Tiered Tests Miss 6 Out Of 10 People
(ELISA reflexed to a Western Blot)

When people are misdiagnosed they miss the opportunity to be treated or they may be treated for diseases they don't have.  

According to two independent health economic studies, this costs the health care system up to $2.5 Billion annually.

Changing the Speed and Accuracy of Lyme disease Diagnosis

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