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The Veramarx Story

The Veramarx Story

Whitney Richards founded Veramarx in January 2012, in large part to address his own experience and frustrations dealing with Lyme Disease over the previous decade.

In 2006, as Lyme Disease became more prevalent, a friend recommended a specialist who confirmed Lyme Disease as the cause of Mr. Richard’s ailments. After almost a year of intravenous antibiotics, Mr. Richards was able to return to professional life, albeit still with significant symptoms.


In hindsight, Mr. Richards believes that he probably contracted Lyme Disease in the late 1990s when he was living on the East Coast, and that a prompt and accurate diagnostic test would have enabled him to be cured with a simple 3- to 4-week program of oral antibiotics.


Mr. Richards became determined to develop a simple diagnostic test that could identify Lyme Disease at an early stage: “At my lowest point, rather than give up, I decided that I would use my 20 years of business experience to attack this problem.” He founded Veramarx in pursuit of this goal, and to help avert the fastest spreading infectious disease in the US.(1) After a few years of work, Mr. Richards teamed up multiple research scientists and subject matter experts, to analyze the possibility of a Lyme Disease diagnostic. This led to Veramarx completing studies showing high promise for an acute Lyme Disease diagnostic. 

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